The NCOAUG Board consists of 5 individuals elected by the membership. 



The current board members along with their respective offices are:


Dave Herrington

RhinoSource, Inc.

NCOAUG Board President


Mark Clark


NCOAUG Board OAUG Coordinator


Shannon Hoekstra

College of American Pathologists

NCOAUG Board Event Coordinator


Josh Scheumann


NCOAUG Board Treasurer

Melissa Sider

AST Corporation

NCOAUG Board Secretary

Outgoing Board Member

The NCOAUG Board, on behalf of the entire membership, would like to thank outgoing board member and president Doris Wilson for her many years of dedication and outstanding service to the NCOAUG.  Thanks, Doris!


Doris Wilson

National Express Corporation

NCOAUG Board Member Jan. 2004-Feb. 2013

NCOAUG Board President Mar. 2007-Feb. 2013

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Qualifications, Responsibilities and Election Process

More information about the responsibilities of each office, the qualifications for serving on the board, as well as the election process can be found in the NCOAUG Bylaws.  The board welcomes your feedback and can be contacted at any time through our Contact Us page.